I am finally trying to catch up with my remaining palette requests.

So I had a little headcanon for this:

Levi is a kept cat so he is very clean. Eren is a stray that is always following Levi around. But Levi hates dirty things so he won’t let Eren show his affection.

This had started as a quick comic that evolved into a slowly made comic that took a while.


Pictures from NDK part 3

The final set of pictures I had on my phone of amazing cosplayers. (I really should of taken more pictures) There we so many talented and creative people. If you see yourself please tell me so I can tag you correctly.

[1]     Nonon Jakuzure & Nui Harime - Kill La Kill
[2]     Archer - FateStay Night

[3]     Elrowiel/Garnet Runestar as an Elementalist - Grenado Espada!
[4]     shikarius as Mable Taylor- The World of Mystic Wiz - QuizRPG
[5]     Tsumugu Kinagase - Kill La Kill

[6]     rou-tan Ken Kaneki -Tokyo Ghoul

[7, 8 & 9]     Skeksis - Dark Crystal

(Edit: Thank you for informing me about Elrowiel)

im number 6!

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